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ETP ZEP publications

Implementation of New Entrant Reserve Funding: ZEP Recommendations
dd. 7 June 2009

ZEP Recommendations pdf icon 732 kb

Position Paper on the Comitology Process concering the disbursement of the 300 mio EUAs
dd. 30 March 2009

ZEP Position Paper pdf icon 88 kb

EU Demonstration Programme for
CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS)
dd. 10 November 2008

ZEP's Proposal pdf icon 1.8 mb

CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS) -
Matrix of Technologies

dd. 15 October 2008

ZEP Technology Matrix pdf icon 6.3 mb

What is CO2 storage?
Putting carbon back where it came from...

dd. August 2008

What is CO2 storage? pdf icon 576 kb

CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS) -
Why it is essential to combat global warming
dd. May 2008

English pdf icon 892 kb
Français pdf icon 560 kb
pdf icon 948 kb
Dansk pdf icon 524 kb

Taskforce Technology recommendations for 3rd Energy Call
dd. 18 April 2008

CCS RTD recommendations 3rd call pdf icon 1.0 mb

Energy industry letter to DG-TREN Commissioner Piebalgs
dd. 21 February 2008

Letter of commitment pdf icon 200 kb

The EU Flagship Programme for CO2 Capture and Storage (CSS), ZEP Recommendations: Implementation and Funding
dd. 21 February 2008

ZEP Recommendations pdf icon 316 kb

The EU Flagship Programme, The key to making CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS) commercially viable by 2020
dd. 3 October 2007

EU Flagship Programme for CCS pdf icon 1.0 mb

Formal input to the EC's Strategic Energy Technologies plan
March-June 2007

EU SET dossier pdf icon 2.5 mb
(final SET-Plan: see Related documents)

Taskforce Technology recommendations for 2nd Energy Call
dd. May 2007

CCS RTD recommendations 2nd call pdf icon 872 kb

General short summary brochures
dd. May 2007

Deutsch pdf icon 400 kb
English pdf icon 516 kb
Français pdf icon 404 kb

Brochure summarising SDD and SRA
dd. 6 March 2007

ZEP Strategic Overview pdf icon 1.1 mb

Info package for 8-9 March 2007 Spring European Council
dd. 1 March 2007

Letter to Ms Angela Merkel pdf icon 124 kb
ETP-ZEP Profile pdf icon 88 kb
(Presidency conclusions: see Related documents)

SDD, Strategic Deployment Document
Final report dd. 24 November 2006

ZEP SDD v12 pdf icon 672 kb

SRA, Strategic Research Agenda
Final report dd. 24 November 2006

ZEP SRA v12 pdf icon 1.7 mb

WG1 Power Plant and Carbon Dioxide Capture
draft final report dd. 13 October 2006

ZEP WG1 pdf icon 2.8 mb

WG2 CO2 Use and Storage
draft final report dd. 8 November 2006

ZEP WG2 pdf icon 1.1 mb

WG3 Infrastructure and Environment
draft report dd. 3 May 2006

ZEP WG3 pdf icon 56 kb

WG4 Policy, Markets, Regulation
draft final report dd. 26 September 2006

ZEP WG4 pdf icon 7.8 mb

WG5 Public Acceptance and Communication
draft report dd. 30 April 2006

ZEP WG5 pdf icon 48 kb

A Vision for Zero Emission Fossil Fuel Power Plants
final report & EC brochure, May 2006

ZEP Vision pdf icon 1.7 mb

Relevant EU / EC publications

Energy and climate change package
SET of coherent directives and communications by various DGs dd. 23 January 2008

EC documentation

Strategic Energy Technology Plan
DG RTD communication dd. 22 November 2007

SET-plan pdf icon 184 kb

Conclusions 8-9 March 2007 Spring European Council
EU Council publication dd. 9 March 2007

Presidency Conclusions pdf icon 344 kb

Related documents (not produced by ETP ZEP)

Summary of the IPCC special report on CO2 Capture and Storage
GreenFacts peer-reviewed summary dd. September 2007

CCS summary pdf icon 750 kb

Public Perception of Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage: Prioritised Assessment of Issues and Concerns
IEA WPFF report dd. 23 March 2007

Summary for policy makers pdf icon 224 kb

Storing CO2 underground
IEA Brochure March 2007

CCS storage security brochure pdf icon 1.3 mb

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